How to prepare your child for kindergarten

Starting school can be intimidating for any child, and the same goes for parents. Still, that’s a challenge you must face together sooner rather than later. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 86% of five-year-olds are already in school. Your job as a parent is to prepare your child for this new chapter in their life. Learn how to prepare your little one for kindergarten by following the tips below.

Enroll Them in a Toddler Program

A toddler program is the perfect space to prepare toddlers for kindergarten. Your child will develop more confidence in an environment dedicated to learning through play. This setting is also ideal for improving your toddler’s social-emotional skills before they are introduced to the more structured kindergarten classroom.

Practice Independence at Home

Teaching your child how to be independent at home is a big step for many parents. It means your little one is growing up! This period before kindergarten is a crucial one for helping your child learn independence in the safety and comfort of their home. Encourage your little one to feed themselves during meal times at home. Have them assist you with chores around the home; for example, you may have them fold and put away their laundry while you do your own next to your child. Showing them how to be independent at home instills trust and confidence for the next step in their educational journey.

Talk Openly About the School Experience

Kindergarten marks the start of formal education for most kids. There are many ways to build anticipation and enthusiasm for this new adventure! While your child will gain experience being around little ones in their toddler program, it’s important that they understand expectations at the next level. Make kindergarten preparation exciting by having a countdown on your calendar for their first day, telling them about all the fun snacks you’ll pack for them, and all the toys they’ll be able to play with.

How can you ensure that kindergarten becomes a pleasant experience for your child? Preparing them for that stage of education certainly helps. Follow the steps above to get your child ready with ease. You can also enroll your little one in Key Point Academy Aventura’s toddler program to get them adequately prepared! We’re eager to work with your family soon.

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